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Customer support

If your questions were not answered in our FAQ section, please give us a call or shoot us an email/text. 

Call/Text: 614-992-2453
Email: [email protected]


1 General
1.1 Where are you located?

We are in Downtown Grove City on the corner of Grove City Road and Broadway. We share a building with Hop Yard 62.

Here is our address:

3449 Grove City Road
Grove City, OH 43123

1.2 Where can I park?

We don't have our own "parking lot" but we do have a small space right next to our door that you can park your car in. If that is taken, there is on street parking right across the street on Grove City Road. 

There are also a number of Public Parking lots in Downtown Grove City. One being less than a block away from our shop!

If you are riding your bike here, just bring it inside!

1.3 Do I need an appointment?

No, we don't take any appointments. Just come in during open business hours and we will get you what you need!

2 Repairs
2.1 Do you repair bikes?

Of course! Even though we don't carry every brand of bike out there, we sure will fix them. As long as you can get it here, we can get you rolling!


2.2 Do I need an appointment for service or sales?

No! We don't take any appointments. It is all first come, first serve. Bring your bike in and a staff member will look it over and give you an estimate for what your bike needs. If it is a quick fix, we may be able to help you on the spot. Or we may have you drop it off so that we can get you rolling!



2.3 What is the turn-around time for a repair?

It depends. During the busy season, it could be 1-2 weeks. During the slow season, it could be a week or less. 

A staff member will give you a more accurate estimate when you bring your bike in to drop it off!

3 New Bikes
3.1 Why are your bikes so much more expensive than Walmart?

Just like with anything, you get what you pay for! When we are looking for bikes to stock, we are looking at the quality of not only the frame, but the components (shifter, breaks, derailleurs, rims, etc.) These bikes will last longer than one season and you won't run into as many problems! A lot of times, bikes in department stores are not always assembled correctly. When we build our new bikes, we make sure that everything is put on the right way and safe!

Any time you purchase a brand new bike from our shop, we also offer 3 years of lite tune-ups!

3.2 I am looking for a 26" bike..Do you have any of those?

If you haven't purchased a bike from anywhere else other than a department store, your bike size is going to be a little different. 

Kids bikes are sized by their wheel size (12"-26")

Once you get into adult bikes, you should be looking at the frame size. Your height and/or inseam should determine your bike size. Adult bikes can still have 26" wheels on them, but the correct size frame with it will give you a more comfortable ride. We recommend test riding before buying!

3.3 What is the price range for new bikes?

We have kids bikes that start as low as $160 and adult bikes that start around $450. Keep in mind that you get 3 years of Lite Tune-Ups with a new bike purchase AND your new bike will not break after one season of riding. 

4 Used Bikes
4.1 Do you have used bikes?

Sometimes! It depends on what we have in stock and how fast we can refurbish them. Typically there will be more stock of used bikes in the Winter or early Spring. We can't guarantee stock on them.

4.2 Do you buy back bikes?

Depends on what kind of bike it is and the condition. Every bike is different but if you would like us to take a look, we may be able to give you an offer. Please bring a valid ID so we can keep it on file if we do end up buying your bike.

We will not buy back any department store bikes.